ELFRIEDE JELINEK: "Language Unleashed"

Child prodigy, scandal writer, traitor of the fatherland, theatre fury, feminist, model lover, communist, pessimist, language terrorist, rebel, enfant terrible, defiler of the nest, brilliant, vulnerable artist, Nobel Prize winner.

The film about Elfriede Jelinek, who was the first Austrian writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004, focuses on her artistic approach to language.



Filmfest Munic 2022

Doclisboa 2022

Viennale 2022

Jihlava 2022

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Picture Elfried Jelinek © Karin Rocholl


Claudia Müller

Christine A. Maier

Mechthild Barth

Martina Haubrich
& Claudia Wohlgenannt 

Cala Film & Plan C Film

HEDY CRILLA - Teacher of Actors

In 1040 the jewish actress Hedy Crilla arrived in Argentina fleeing nazism and leaving behind a burgeoning career in Austria`s stages and Germany`s film industry.

In Argentina she spent 40 years coaching actors and developing her own version of the (then and until now famous) Stanislawsky method. Her teachings shifted the paradigm of declamatory acting and introduced the idea of the actor alive in the scene. She taught many great actors, directors and teachers, such as Agustin Alezzo, Augusto Fernandes and Carlos Gandolfo, who spread her legacy beyond the borders. Hedy Crilla transformed the history of acting in Argentina.


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Drehbuch & Regie
Luciana Murujosa



Luciana Murujosa, Silvana Cascardo
Claudia Wohlgenannt


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Lulu Marshall Films, Argentina



House of Meadows


Inmitten bewegter Zeiten verbindet DAS AUENHAUS in einem Dorf in Mähren drei Frauen aus drei unterschiedlichen Generationen. Verlust und der Wunsch nach Selbstbestimmung prägen ihr Leben, doch die Freiheit findet nur, wer bereit ist, loszulassen.



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© Robert Bayer@WolfScienceCenter                © Klemens Hufnagl

Directed by
Tereza Kotyk

Klemens Hufnagl

Agnieszka Glinska

Produced by
Claudia Wohlgenannt



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Axman Production (CZ)